Under the wire today in straight man world…. Boxing at work. Being too entertained by the levels of testosterone.

Let it not be said that I have never used fairy lights and festoons.  

Sweet Abandon 

By Yve Blake for Spork London.

The dining room.
Photo: Hannah Wastnidge The Table is set for Moreish. 
Photo: Hannah Wastnidge Moreish. 
Photo: Hannah Wastnidge Omnomnom.
Photo: Hannah Wastnidge

So this was my most recent production. Sweet Abandon, was an evening of food, conversation and mischief. Combining intriguing food combinations, dirty food secrets and food adventures. 

Sweet Abandon was produced for Spork Food Monthly at The Albert, Queens Park by Yve Blake, with Emily Jane Stedman and Tilly De Verteuil. 

Designer: Hannah Wastnidge
Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadsby 

I’m currently working on this great project called ‘Sweet Abandon’ 

Yve Blake presents Sweet Abandon, an evening that celebrates the creative and reckless ways we eat when no one is watching. Two parts meal, one part game and all served with a garnish of good humour, prepare for a dining adventure in which you must choose between savoury and bravery at every turn. Dishes inspired by home-alone recipes and private food rituals will be served along with entertainment, discussion and good times. Dessert promises all-you-can-eat treats, if you dare to play. 

Don’t miss this sugar high for all the senses. 

Sweet Abandon is presented as part of Spork Food Monthly, an experience-sharing series on food and culture.

Tickets:  HERE!  


More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/402955426470293/?ref=2 


Being the first venue on a tour is never easy! Having a frustrating week at work, but at least I get to be hugged by a big cornish man when things go right…….

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Next Up…

After my recent work on Beauty and The Beast, I’m once again assisting on an altogether more intriguing project…. a concert, described to me as “Rock band + Orchestra” 

First meeting tomorrow! This will be quite a new experience for me…i’ve not really done concert lighting before.

Tech Week. Day One.

Dry tech today just dealing with truck moves and tidying up LX over the top. We’ve moved the swapped unreliable VL units to the pit! For some extra support in some of the effects. Things are starting to look good! 

Now that the VLs have settled down we are starting to have issues with colour mixing on some of the Mac 700s we’re just hoping it won’t be a case of MacDeath!

Wet tech starts tomorrow. Expect blood.

Hello Tech Week.

Yup it has arrived, we had the lighting session today…it’s length was doubled by the complexity of the set (three large trucks that have to be moved into a rather wide range of positions) however after a couple to palette tidy ups I’m confident that we can make the show work! I’m getting quite snappy on the EOS now.

All that is needed now is to resolve the never ending issues with the VL3000Q’s…we’ve already managed to swap out 3 units and they only arrived on Friday!

So heres to a tech week devoted to never-ending truck moves and naughty naughty VLs! 

See you on the other side!

Day Two of Prep. Moved into the theatre today and had a bit of practice programming. Plus the colour is cut. On track so far!