"Go on telling me
That I don’t need a job
Or a college degree
Throw up your caps and your gowns
Your shit out of luck
Your never leaving this town”

(Source: Spotify)

Dawn Calls 

So I Re-discovered my Dad’s strange concept-y words over music album he made with some friends a while back.

Letters to my younger self #2 - Music Lessons

Dear 8 year old Josh, 

I really do think you should put more of your energies into learning keyboard. I mean It’s not that much effort really now is it? Think of your poor dad…lugging your keyboard into school…just for you to be all blasé and nonchalant about asserting ANY effort! 

Just think if you carry on learning you could one day be a kick ass pianist in a really intensely cool and successful band. 

Or you know at the least humour your uncle’s attempts at teaching you to play bass! 

April 2013: 
I hope you are happy, I’m now 20 1/2 and I crave a successful music career with a cool..edgy band. See what you have done here!? You have RUINED my life again…you little procrastinatory bugger. 

Future Josh (14.4.13) Aged 20 and a half.